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Your Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra is always looking for volunteers like you!

Youth Concert Volunteer Opportunities

For the first time, the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra is pleased to present two separate Youth Concert programs. Link Up program, will engage approximately 4,000 elementary aged children in an interactive performance. The second, will be a concert designed for a middle school audience.

Please note that the Middle School concert has a volunteer check-in time of 15 minutes later than past concerts. Light refreshments will be provided at check-in at both events.

There are three different positions for which to sign up. Please indicate your preference through this google form.

    1. Bus attendants: Bus attendants are responsible for greeting school groups as they arrive, then directing them to the proper venue entrance door. They also make sure that school groups stay together as they enter the building and are not separated by other arriving groups. They may also need to direct bus drivers to designated parking areas.
    2. Greeters: Greeters are responsible for holding the doors open as groups arrive and directing them which way to go upon entering the venue.
    3. Ushers: Ushers are responsible for seating groups in the auditorium itself. They also assist with directing people to the restrooms and ensuring a smooth performance in the hall.

Instrument Petting Zoo Volunteer Opportunities

gThe Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra’s Instrument Petting Zoo provides hands-on fun with musical instruments!

The Instrument Petting Zoo relies on volunteer “zookeepers” to help put real instruments in the hands of kids all over Southeast Michigan. Zookeepers help kids handle the instruments, assist them in making sounds, and offer encouragement.

Instrument Petting Zoos happen in two sorts of environments:

1. Schools: During the school year, we are busy taking the Petting Zoo to area classrooms where we see kids in groups of about 20 for high-energy, hands-on learning. For each group of kids, we give a 5-minute talk about the instruments then help them try the instruments. We frequently go to preschools and daycares with string instruments to give kids their first taste of classical music. Or to 2nd grade classrooms with instruments from all the instrument families to cap off students’ study of the science of sound.

2. Festivals, Fairs, Farmers Markets, Family Concerts: These are open-format events where kids (and adults) come and go as they please, trying one instrument or the whole collection.

Volunteers need to be prepared for a high-energy, noisy learning experience. Musical proficiency is not required, but a certain level of comfort with handling musical instruments is helpful. Most important is an encouraging attitude and a desire to work with kids.

Once you are on our list of volunteers, you will be contacted about once a month with a list of upcoming petting zoos. You can volunteer for as few or as many as you like, depending on which times and locations work for you. Please email sarah@a2so.com if you are interested or would like more information.

Ushering Opportunities

A2_MG_1283Zac Moore speaking to ushers

Date: Sunday, May 7

Location: Hill Auditorium (enter through east door, nearest the League)
Parking: Available across the street (you will have to pay). Additional parking is available in the Liberty Square lot on Washington or Maynard lot.
Report time: 2:00 (orientation meeting starts at 2:15 pm)
Preconcert Lecture: 3:00 p.m.
Show start time: 4:00 p.m.
Show end time:
Attire: Black pants, white top, close-toed shoes

Additional notes:

      • Please bring a flashlight if you have one (flashlights will not be provided)

Michigan Theater:  email at volunteers@michtheater.org or by phone at 734-668-8397 ext. 39 Click for more information

Carol and Bob Milstein, Arie Lipsky

Office Volunteers

Administrative helpers work with the staff as needed on mailings and other tasks. Participants must have fine motor skills and be very organized. Click Here to Volunteer

Marketing helpers work with the staff as needed with mailings, market research, community petting zoo's,  poster and brochure distribution. To add your name to our list of volunteer contacts, please contact Emily at (734) 994-4801 or emily@a2so.com.

General Volunteer Form