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Community Events

Look for the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra in your community. The A²SO brings Instrument Petting Zoos and live performances to farmers markets, libraries, festivals and community gathering spaces to entertain and inspire audiences of all ages.

Taste of Music
KinderConcert Instrument Petting Zoo Volunteer

Taste of Music

We believe that farmers markets help foster healthy communities, and we believe that “feeding the soul” through the arts is part of building strong, healthy, livable communities. Join us at your local farmers market


Music comes alive in KinderConcerts: free 30-minute concerts at local libraries, designed especially for children 2- to 5-years old. Learn more

Instrument Petting Zoos

Bow a violin, pluck a cello, buzz a trumpet, blow through a flute, and play other instruments you see and hear in the orchestra. It's hands-on fun for the whole family. Find us in your community! Learn more