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Conductor Endowment

A2IMG_0337 use this Arie Lipsky conducting Romeo & Juliet overture

Phone: (734) 994-4801
Email: info@a2so.com

Great conductors leave their distinctive marks on the orchestras they lead. Ormandy in Philadelphia. Bernstein in New York. Lipsky in Ann Arbor. Great conductors inspire audiences and musicians alike. Over time, their unique musical personalities, distinctive interpretative visions and attentiveness to detail shapes the playing of their orchestras, resulting in a sound unique to each ensemble.

Your gift to the A2SO Conductor Endowment Fund lives forever and grows over time. It is a covenant between generations to ensure the future of the A2SO You will ensure that this 89-year-old Michigan institution continues to deliver the highest quality performances of the greatest music ever written.

The “Ann Arbor Sound” is the memorable result of a stable, long-term partnership among the conductor, musicians and audience. The most effective way to guarantee such great conducting in perpetuity is through a permanent, endowed fund.

The A2SO Conductor’s Endowment Fund will pay our conductor in perpetuity. Through payments from the interest we will ensure that we keep talented conductors like Arie Lipsky guiding our orchestra for years to come. This is not only a financially sound investment, it is also an investment in our community’s proudest musical asset.

Be one of those who guarantee the future of great music for generations to come. You will help shape the “Ann Arbor Sound” forever with your gift.

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