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Dress Rehearsals

A2IMG_0043 dress rehearsal at hill with full orchestra panorama

The A2SO welcomes our community to experience Dress Rehearsals free of charge to educational and community groups.

Reservations are required; contact the box office to make your reservation (734) 994-4801.

Dress Rehearsal Policy

Please treat the rehearsal as a concert. Reservations are encouraged by calling the box office by the Friday before the performance. You should arrive in the venue by 10:20 a.m. so that you can be seated before the rehearsal begins. Please be sure to turn off and put away cell phones and other electronic devices which could generate sound or light distractions during the rehearsal. Please remain silent during the rehearsal and leave quietly if you need to before the end. If you must leave the hall re-enter at appropriate breaks. The use of cameras or recording devices of any kind is prohibited. The rehearsal will last 2 ½ hours with a 15-minute break in the middle. If you bring children, please leave the auditorium if they become unable to sit quietly. Any audience member whose behavior is disruptive to the rehearsing musicians or distracting to the other audience members will be asked to leave.

Artists and programs are subject to change.