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Saturday, January 27
8 p.m.
Michigan Theater

pre-concert lecture: 7 pm at Michigan Theater

Fellman Reflections on Mozart: Big Bend
Mozart Symphony No. 1
Mozart Clarinet Concerto
Mozart Symphony No. 41 “Jupiter”

Special Guest: Chad Burrow, basset clarinet

Come in from the cold to join us for a concert of Mozart’s first and last symphonies. At his preconcert lecture, you’ll learn from Arie Lipsky some of the many links that the brilliant 8-year old and the wise-before-his-time 32 year-old Wolfgang forged between these bookend symphonies.

Katie Fellman, UM composition student, will entrance you with her new work, Big Bend, a world premiere tonight.

Listeners might recognize the lovely music from the adagio movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto from the soundtrack of the Hollywood film, “Out of Africa.” The entire concerto is a winner, and all the more important to listeners today as it was the last concerto Mozart ever composed.

Ps: to round out this festive Mozart’s Birthday Bash, concert goers will receive a Mozart candy, in honor of Madeleine Himbeault, who so lovingly sponsored this sweet ending to our Mozart Birthday Bash for 20 years.

Cosponsor: Rebecca Horvath & Tom and Debby McMullen

Program Notes

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