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In-School Programs

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Music is a wonderfully effective way to engage, inspire and educate students. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a music instructor or a home-school parent, our offerings can open up a whole world of possibilities for you and your children.

Classroom Concerts

Bring a small ensemble of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra to perform for the students at your school.

Small ensembles of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra musicians bring the orchestra off the stage and into your school for a close-up musical experience where children are active listeners. These 30-minute performances are designed to introduce classical music and the instruments of the orchestra to students in grades K to 5.

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Conductor and Artist Workshops

Maestro Arie Lipsky steps off the stage and into your classroom to help your students grow as musicians. Arie can rehearse your orchestra to help prepare them for a festival or concert. He can prepare a section while the teacher works with the rest of the orchestra. Or, he will host a masterclass for your students in preparation for Solo and Ensemble.

Financial assistance is available for Title I schools.

To schedule a visit to your school, please contact Yi-Ching Chen.

Instrument Petting Zoos

Give students a chance to bow a violin, pluck a cello, buzz a trumpet, blow through a flute, and play other instruments they see and hear in the orchestra.

It's a fun and educational program, suitable for Pre-K through 5th grade, that teaches how vibrations become sound. and sound becomes music. Instrument Petting Zoos inhabit schools and day care centers, family concerts, festivals and farmers markets in Southeast Michigan.

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Learn fundamental techniques and musicianship from Ann Arbor Symphony musicians. Musicians work with students in small groups on music chosen by their teachers.

“So I asked Aidan if he enjoyed his time with Arie coaching the group, and he said ‘mom it was amazing, after he was with us everything shifted and we went from just playing notes to music having feeling.’"

Side-by-Side Experience

Share the stage with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. Students and professionals work together to prepare for an unforgettable, shared concert experience. Each program is individually tailored to support the needs and abilities of your school orchestra.
To learn about partnering with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra in a Side-by-Side Experience, contact Kira Leeper at 734-994-4801.


Music Mentors

The A2SO Music Mentor program deepens the relationship between the orchestra and Link Up schools. Through this new component of our Link Up program, A2SO musicians are paired with participating schools. These music mentors make school visits to work with students and teachers that are participating in the Link Up program. Learn more.

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