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The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra is passionately committed to leading and enriching the culture of the region. None of our efforts would be successful without the help of our volunteers. Browse the tabs below of positions you are interested in or simply sign up and complete the form below!

Administrative (General Office/Development)
Education Marketing Librarian Patron Services(ticketing & ushers) Specialty Volunteers(resume/interviews required)



Administrative helpers work with the staff as needed on mailings, data entry, and other tasks. Participants must have fine motor skills and be very organized.
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Education & Engagement

Instrument Petting Zookeeper (Ongoing throughout the year)
Read more about our Instrument Petting Zoos here!
The Instrument Petting Zoo relies on volunteer “zookeepers” to help put real instruments in the hands of kids all over Southeast Michigan. Zookeepers help kids handle the instruments, assist them in making sounds, and offer encouragement.Volunteers need to be prepared for a high-energy, noisy learning experience. Musical proficiency is not required, but a certain level of comfort with handling musical instruments is helpful. Most important is an encouraging attitude and a desire to work with kids.

Instrument Petting Zoos happen in two different environments:

  • Schools: During the school year, we are busy taking the Petting Zoo to area classrooms where we see kids in groups of about 20 for high-energy, hands-on learning. For each group of kids, we give a 5-minute talk about the instruments then help them try the instruments. We frequently go to preschools and daycares with string instruments to give kids their first taste of classical music. Or to 2nd-grade classrooms with instruments from all the instrument families to cap off students’ study of the science of sound.
  • Festivals, Fairs, Farmers Markets, Family Concerts: These are open-format events where kids (and adults) come and go as they please, trying one instrument or the whole collection.

Youth Concert Volunteer Opportunities (March 2018)
Read more about our youth concerts here!

For Grade 3-5
Wednesday, March 14
10:15 AM & 12:15 PM
(Volunteer Call time: 8:30 AM)


For Grades 6-9
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
10:30 AM
(Volunteer Call time: 8:45 AM)


Volunteer Roles: (more detailed information here)

      • Bus attendants: Bus attendants are responsible for greeting school groups as they arrive, then directing them to the proper venue entrance door. They also make sure that school groups stay together as they enter the building and are not separated by other arriving groups. They may also need to direct bus drivers to designated parking areas.
      • Greeters: Greeters are responsible for holding the doors open as groups arrive and directing them which way to go upon entering the venue.
      • Ushers: Ushers are responsible for seating groups in the auditorium itself. They also assist with directing people to the restrooms and ensuring a smooth performance in the hall.


      • Postering Team: Postering volunteers will help to distribute promotional materials throughout Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.

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      • Librarian volunteers assist in copying, organizing and scanning music.

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Patron Services:

      • Ticketing: Ticketing Volunteers help to distribute tickets at will call and assist with the assigning of tickets in the office.
      • Ushers:Ushers are responsible for seating groups in the auditorium itself. They also assist with directing people to the restrooms and ensuring a smooth performance in the hall.

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Specialty Volunteers:

Volunteers seeking these positions need to indicate so on the "Volunteer Interest Survey" below. Specialty volunteers include grant writing, finance assistant, and executive assistant positions. However, we aren't currently looking for specialty volunteers. Check back later for updated information.

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