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Phone: (734) 994-4801
Email: info@a2so.com

Celebrate a birthday. Honor a loved one. Welcome that new baby. Toast a deed well done. Recognize that special mentor in your life. Respect the loss of a loved one in your life. This is a tremendous way to pay tribute to those people you love, to note a landmark event in your life, or to connect people who love music with your Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra. Your A2SO is honored to be included in your circle of family and friends.

When you make a tribute gift, we will send an acknowledgment letter to the person in whose name the gift was made or to their family. The amount of your contribution will be kept confidential to the recipient.

The tribute will be listed in each of the A2SO’s main stage and family program bookets for the season.

Simply contact your A2SO with the name of the honoree, the amount you wish to designate in their name and your method of payment. We do the rest.